WE Make a Difference Everyday

WE Make a Difference Everyday (WE M.A.D.E.) is an evidence-based, comprehensive, sustainable, gender and culturally relevant community outreach initiative to promote healthy lifestyles that address the effect of underserved communities’ experiences.

Make a Difference

WEMADE builds upon community partnerships in core neighborhoods, challenging Louisianians’ preconceived notions and contributing directly to neighborhood revitalization plans along the way.






Changing Lives with Knowledge

This is the WEMADE story of impact.

Through connection, education, and action, our volunteers are more likely to volunteer again, engage civically in new and different ways, and participate in Louisiana’s change efforts toward a more vibrant and equitable Louisiana.

More Than Athletics Program

Our WEMADE Organization is composed of three phases: Education, Health Fitness and Job trade skills. Our athletic and non-athletic groups will be in a development phase that will give our amateur athletes and academic scholars in the surrounding St. Charles Parish areas the best high school and college outlook possible, all while pushing our mission forward “More Than Athletics”. In addition, the St.  Charles Parish School Board will help to lead our group of tutors and educators for these groups’ educational advancement. This “More Than Athletics” development program will be structured with after school tutoring, grade monitoring, mentorships, community service, and then athletics for ages 7-18. STUDENTS DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY SPORTS TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM! The goal is to meet our student body where they may be most comfortable-usually through sports, entertainment, arts, academics- so we can push our educational systems overall to a wider range. Our youth sports department in partnership with NEXT GEN SPORTS, will allow us to offer both athletic options for ages 9u-15u for those that are interested. We have gathered with educators, coaches, and volunteers to create an overall balance for our program and not just focus on athletics. We are asking our parents to be heavily involved with the progress of their kid’s growth and maturity as well. Click the link  to complete your kid/s registrations. Together, we can make a difference everyday! 

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This developmental football league that will give our community coaches and athletes a NEXT LEVEL experience. Our league will consist of 9 teams. Those 9 teams will be filled with coaches from a coaches registration poll, to give our youth the best chance to develop. Our goal is to have at-least 8 or more coaches per team, so we can ensure that our players are getting equal coaching and mentoring. Our players will register as FREE AGENTS. At least (2) coaches per team must have transportation and be dedicated for team travel incase a drafted player is from a different location than the selected team. This developmental league for ages 9-15u will consist of two parts. Spring/Summer season will be 7v7(skills) 5v5(bigs) in which players will have 7v7 And 5v5 games. The goal is for players to learn plays, how to properly tackle, build team chemistry, community service, academics. Our tackle season will start in October and those 9 league teams will merge to (6)teams for tackle. Each player will be in enroll into Study Hall/Tutoring and grade monitoring, to make sure we EDUCATE and GRADUATE our players as well. Welcome to the NEXT GENERATION ST. CHARLES!!


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Join your hand with us for a
better life and a beautiful future.



Join your hand with us for a
better life and a beautiful future.